Track & Field


Team Donation Fee

Team “Donation” Fee -  $25

Given that track and field is a school sport, a mandatory team fee is no longer allowed.  However, we still request a donation of up to $25 dollars to cover the cost of replacing jerseys, batons, shot puts, mats, etc… Checks can be made out to Buljan Middle School.


Track & Field Information

Track and Field Events

  • Running Events order- 55 Meter Hurdles, Mile,  4×100 Relay, 400, 100, 800, 200, 4×4 relay
  • Field Events include (Long jump, High jump, Shot-put)


  • School supplies athletes with jerseys…they must be turned in at the end of the season.
  • Families are responsible for athletic shoes and black shorts (P.E. shorts will work). No need to buy new items if you already own running/athletic shoes, black shorts, and the jersey.
  • Track spikes are NOT required.

Track Meets

How Track Meets Work

In order for the meets to work, coaches must help at events or finish line. That being said, I like to have a team warm-up before the meet starts; please try to get to the location as soon as possible after school gets out. I’ll have a “base” inside the track at each meet with the following items (schedule of events, list of athletes’ events board and check-out sheet). If you are leaving the meet before it is over, a signature is required with your name, student’s name and departure time.

Track Meets dates Coming Soon…


Due to a large number of students, Buljan no longer provides bus transportation to track meets.  In the past, parents have arranged carpools to transport students to sporting events. If transporting student-athletes other than your own, the school requires a transportation agreement to be on file in the office (fingerprinting and proof of insurance is required).


Track Etiquette

  • Wait to cross the track until after the race

  • No pacing of another athlete

  • No unsportsmanlike conduct

  • Stay off infield closest to finish line. Stay out of the starter and the timers’ line of sight.

  • Athletes and parents may not wait or ask the timer or finish line helpers for times